About Kings Castle Land


Kings Castle Land was a small park in Whitman, MA that entertained many small children through the years.  The former owner was kind enough to offer this tidbit of information to us about the park:


"My family and I ran Kings Castle from 1968 thru1993. My mother and father and our five children all took part in the operation of the park. My wife and I have many fond memories of the families who visited with us over those years. We also entertained thousands of children from the inner city programs, many of which who could not get there with their family. We closed and liquidated King's Castle Land in 1993. Everything was sold at auction. As you probably know there are no buyers for small theme and amusement parks. They have become extinct as the big mega parks came on the scene in the 1980's."


There is now a "Stop and Shop"  where Kings Castle Land once stood.